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Latest Book Published April 2016

Corporate Security Manager

Corporate Security Manager discusses issues pertinent to the changing global corporate security environment.
As major corporations move toward more integrated globalization, the trend is that country security managers are increasingly being directed to establish specific global security programs and to conform to global security systems and platforms.
These topics of discussion and much more:
• Beware of and prevent the misuse of security resources
• Corporate espionage: it is real!
• Crises management and business continuity
• Globalization and related programs
• Organizational structure and how it affects you
• Risk and vulnerabilities
• Security education
• Taking care of your staff – proper planning for superior performance evaluations
• Your key to success: documentation and metrics
• Your most important resource is your greatest vulnerability
Corporate Security Manager is an educational and informative tool for any security manager at any level or role.

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Professional Development
(Reference for Security Professionals)
Self Reflection
Japanese Language

 Physical Security for Information Protection

Concise, fact-filled guide For countering the multidimensional threat to information.
Regardless of the size of a business, competition is competition... is your business being targeted by a competitor?
Learn about sources of information leaks and the greatest danger of all – the human element.
Information loss can cost a company tens of thousands or millions of dollars as well as bad publicity, tarnished reputation, and lost customers and business.
Learn about...
...Security systems and practices to protect information
...Threats to information
...The biggest risk to information loss
...Mitigating the risk -- how to manage and reduce risk
...Where is the next corporate spy?
...and more....

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 The Y's of Life

Y’s of Life is a fascinating guided journey through your decision making process and cause and effect that will help you to think about your decisions and how your actions or inaction impacts and influences your life as well as the lives of others.
Y’s of Life will help you realize that your very existence puts you in an integral role that impacts innumerable people and, in-turn, they you; there is no such thing as an insignificant life.

A decision delayed even one second is not the same decision.
-- Robert T. Wood --

The forks in the road (Y’s) that we encounter through life sometimes causes us to think “Why me,” when our decisions turn out to be less than favorable.  Prepare yourself for a thought-provoking, mind boggling excursion... a journey through your past and how you got to where you are... the decisions that you made, why you made them; the influences and consequences.  We are all a composite of past experience... that is what makes us who we are today, and today’s experiences and decisions put us where we will be tomorrow.
Seemingly unrelated, random events throughout life are so complex and intertwined that it is impossible to comprehend how one set of circumstances may have influenced another.  The numerous and seemingly insignificant decisions we make during the course of every waking hour can, and in many cases do, have a major impact on us for the rest of our life.

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 Bridging the Gap: Police-Japanese

Bridging the Gap: Police-Japanese is a unique, well proven Japanese language communication reference guide; a non-verbal communication tool for times of emergency or situations when a non-English speaking Japanese person may need assistance and an interpreter is not readily available.  Phrases, questions, replies, and words useful to police, security guards, hotel, and tourist personnel who deal with Japanese people.  Questions and replies are written in English, romaji, and Japanese.
Bridging the Gap: Police-Japanese was originally written for use by police officers in Honolulu, Hawaii and was used as well in Guam, Micronesia, and other South Pacific areas.  Twenty-seven chapters guide the user through determining the type of problem and obtaining information.
Although the title is "...Police-Japanese," you will find that this book is a valuable and essential tool for individual study and for those working in the tour industry.

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 Basic Security Management

Practical Reference Guide for Managing a Corporate Physical Security Department.
A plain and simple guide to help plan and organize or improve a physical security program whether at the global corporate level or at the local company level; indispensable reference for managing, documenting, and running an all inclusive physical security program.
Learn about the following...
...Getting Down to Basics: D3R
...Security Planning
...Physical Security Vulnerability Risk Assessments
...Metrics – Quantifying your Physical Security Program
...Security Systems Installation Pitfalls
...Documenting Your Program
...Placing Responsibility
...The “Security Roller Coaster” ...and much more.

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A philosophical look at the complex interconnectivity of everything throughout the universe.  Everything presents a unique perspective about the reality of existence, the meaning of life, and the true impact of a birth, death, and even a marriage.  A Zen-based, thought-provoking text about relationships between human beings and all life as well as the spirit world, and the impact that everyone makes on the universe.  Everything is not about religion and espouses no particular religious beliefs.  A skillful presentation of the subject of universal energy within a context that anyone can accept without regard to a particular religious preference.  For those who believe that they may not make a difference in this world, Everything will be of particular value.  The author illustrates that you have a much greater impact, influence, and power than what you may realize.  You may wonder who is in control.  You will learn that we are all in control.  We are all part of everything.

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 Object Marking in Japanese

Object Marking in Japanese, A Self-study Programmed Lesson focuses on teaching about the grammatical use of o (wo) versus ga as postpositions for direct objects in Japanese sentence structure.
A unique attribute of the lesson is a formula for explaining the relationship between Japanese verb structure and postpositions.  A theory developed by the author more than 30 years ago and has refined.  It is an interesting and revolutionary way of looking at sentence structure and how, by evaluating the verb structure, one can determine the proper postposition for use with a direct object in a Japanese sentence.

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